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The “HAPPY” Pizza

In every place I go to I try to sample a local cuisine. One night in the streets of Phnom Penh, I notice a crowd of locals and foreigners around a vendor, some were taking pictures and others are munching, so my husband said we’ll take a look as to what is in there it maybe interesting, and to my surprise it was a basket full of insects dried and fried. I didn’t feel that adventurous so I asked him that we’ll just go somewhere else and look for some other local cuisine, so we opted to just stroll around and saw a clean restaurant that sells pizza, we sat down and look at the menu and saw the label “HAPPY” on many of the pizzas they sell. I’ve never seen this before so I asked the waiter what was it all about. Then said: “Oh..it’s real good Cambodia Pizza special make you very happy.” He was beaming himself so I took his word for it. “Ok why not? We’ll have one.” I’m always ready to try new things. “You want happy or very happy?” he asked “uh.. sure lets go all out..very happy. And a beer please”, for my husband. I didn’t know the difference anyway. I thought it would be something rather plain but kind of dodgy. I was kinda excited for a while and…. what we got was a very normal pizza with extra dry green stuff on it. “What is that anyway? I wouldn’t try it.” I said in a stuck-up way “oh come-on it’s not gonna kill us.” My husband tucked in and it tasted totally normal.

Back in our hotel I asked my husband to search the net about the green stuff on our pizza as to what kind of herb is that. My husband was laughing when he saw that it was a ground cannabis and that’s why they name it the happy pizza. I was shocked and thought if it’s a legal pizza we just ate. Apparently it’s illegal to smoke it but totally OK to use as a ‘garnish’!…. I don’t know exactly when it happened but sometime in the night things started getting strange. My husband had just told a stupid story and was laughing and laughing and laughing about it. He didn’t stop and I thought that was weird till I realized I was laughing nonstop as well. “I can’t believe I’m getting high on a food”!

The next morning I was still coming around, it was that powerful, I was very relaxed no headache or bad side effects. My husband told me its not illegal as its sold openly on the main streets only to tourist not to the locals. It was indeed a real food adventure me and my husband experienced, thanks to the tuk-tuk driver who brought us to the “Happy” street of Cambodia.

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