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Street Foods in Bangkok: Never-ending Supply

The underlying highlight of any visit to Bangkok is the provision of street food that seems to sprawl indefinitely. It’s sometimes hard to imagine that the demand can even profit from the seemingly endless supply.

Burger King’s marketing team may have obtained inspiration for their their slogan in BANGKOK because with Thai food you can always “Have it your way!”

If your looking for a street stall or restaurant that is packed with seemingly attractive advertisements there are always three possible reasons why you chose to dine in: cheap food, lovely ambiance and delicious food.  In Bangkok, there’s only one reason,delicious food. Price can help, but in the end, Thai people are willing to dish out for what is most delicious.

A great method of determining what new dish to try is to simply walk around and see what people are ordering and what looks good. Don’t hesitate to converse with the street chef to inquire about what that person just ordered. It’s beneficial to even point to a dish he has cooked up and ask him to make the same thing for you.

An adventure with a determination to strictly focus on eating will always bring rewarding effects. Lots of street stalls specialize in only a few dishes, so don’t be ashamed to eat a few small portions and then head to the next stall to sample the next specialty.

Luckily, developing a habit for eating Thai street food is not an expensive addiction. Even with a low Thai food budget, there are endless street opportunities to indulge in deluxe meals for just a few dollars!

It can take years to fully explore the range of street food in Bangkok, but if you can leverage your advantage and sample a wide range of Thai foods, you will at least take part in that everlasting supply of Bangkok street food!

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