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Bukidnon :best steak in the philippines


From Camiguin to Bukidnon (1 day tour)

Dahilayan adventure park is one of the best and must see tourist spot in bukidnon. Although going there is quite difficult with long rough roaD from CDO, but the scenery was amazing. The main attraction of the park is the zipline experience and you’ll have 3 choices: the 150m, 320 m and the 840m (touted as Asia’s longest dual zipline), but you can do all at just 600 pesos only ($15). And you can “fly like superman”. We didn’t try it because we already experience it at E.A.T. danao, instead we tried their Zorb. My husband enjoyed it so much. The staff were very friendly, helpful and professional. We were lucky that there was no crowd when we were there. They said that the queues were long on weekends. There are other activities to do in the park for all ages: the rope course, ATV, Wall Climbing, winch boarding , etc. The adventure was worth the trip.

When you visit Dahilayan Forest Park in bukidnon make sure you’ll also visit the best steak in the country. The chef said the cow itself in which they get the delicious steaks were fed with pineapples that’s why the meat is sweet, plus the beef steak was marinated for long hours in pineapple juice. “It’s all about the PINEAPPLES”.

 unlimited pineapple juice..

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