Iligan City (Cebu Lechon’s (roasted pig) greatest rival)

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There is an ongoing debate on which place has the best lechon in the south Iligan or Cebu? Like Cebu Lechon, Iligan Lechon does not need any sauce for you to appreciate the meat. Most Iliganons swear that it tastes better than Cebu’s version.  (What do you think?)

The only edge of Cebu Lechon is that it is marketed well with good packaging, and now, it has different flavors like the Chili-flavored Lechon.

Iligan’s Lechon is known to stay crispy even if you ship it all the way to Manila. here’s a tip: The Iligan Lechon is best enjoyed with Iligan’s signature vinegar called Pinakurat!

The most popular lechon brands in Iligan are Dodong’s Lechon, Jaime’s Lechon Bayug and Gloria’s Ihaw Ihaw in Timoga.

We also went to the famous falls in Iligan City, (Maria Christina Falls).


Bukidnon :best steak in the philippines

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From Camiguin to Bukidnon (1 day tour)

Dahilayan adventure park is one of the best and must see tourist spot in bukidnon. Although going there is quite difficult with long rough roaD from CDO, but the scenery was amazing. The main attraction of the park is the zipline experience and you’ll have 3 choices: the 150m, 320 m and the 840m (touted as Asia’s longest dual zipline), but you can do all at just 600 pesos only ($15). And you can “fly like superman”. We didn’t try it because we already experience it at E.A.T. danao, instead we tried their Zorb. My husband enjoyed it so much. The staff were very friendly, helpful and professional. We were lucky that there was no crowd when we were there. They said that the queues were long on weekends. There are other activities to do in the park for all ages: the rope course, ATV, Wall Climbing, winch boarding , etc. The adventure was worth the trip.

When you visit Dahilayan Forest Park in bukidnon make sure you’ll also visit the best steak in the country. The chef said the cow itself in which they get the delicious steaks were fed with pineapples that’s why the meat is sweet, plus the beef steak was marinated for long hours in pineapple juice. “It’s all about the PINEAPPLES”.

 unlimited pineapple juice..

A week in Cagayan de Oro – Camiguin – Bukidnon – Iligan (Philippines)

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Back then I always dream of going to CDO to experience “white water rafting”. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do it because I’m two months pregnant then. We booked our tickets 5 months before to get a cheap plane ticket. And as soon as we know that I’m pregnant we just change our plans. We search the web of what other things to do in CDO, and we found out that we can go to 3 more different places in just a week. First stop is CDO, we we’re picked up by our friend in the airport, and brought us to a hotel, the next day we decided to go to Camiguin, and stayed for 2 days.

From CDO to Balingoan (2 hours) bus ride and an hour from Balingoan port to Benoni port (camiguin island). From Benoni port, you can take the jeepney or multicab to Mambajao (the provincial capital) where most hotels and guesthouse are.


Katibawasan Falls

(one day tour) -(from the falls to the walkway to the old volcano)

        Hibok-Hibok Hot and Cold Spring


Sto. Nino Cold Spring


Soda Pool–(really taste like soda)


Old Church Ruins



White Island (2nd day)

Time to eat…

   Seafoods near the port…

 Butcher’s Best Barbeque  Missy Bonbon Breakfast..(yummy)

Next blog…….(Bukidnon-Dahilayan)

Sumilon Island (cebu, philippines)

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The only resort on the island, 24-hectare Sumilon Bluewater offers 4-star accommodation with direct access to coral reef beaches. It features free Wi-Fi in public areas and an outdoor pool. Guests can enjoy massages or activities such as fishing, snorkelling, kayaking and diving.

Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort is a two-hour ride from Cebu City. It provides free scheduled 2-way transfers between Oslob and Sumilon Island.

Massive Reclining Buddha (bangkok)

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The Reclining Buddha(Phra Buddhasaiyas). Created as part of Rama III’s restoration (1824-51), the Reclining Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. His body is covered in gold plating and he is decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay on his eyes and the soles of his feet. The bottoms of the Buddha’s feet are intricately decorated with 108 auspicious scenes in Chinese and Indian styles.

Elephant Ride in Bangkok

June 14, 2012 5 comments

This is another dream come true. After the Floating Market in Damnoen Sudak, the taxi driver brought us to the elephant ride just 5 minutes from the market. It is called the “Elephant Village”. In there you can see a lot of elephants lined-up waiting for customers. You’ll pay 2000 baht ($63-65) per elephant. You can also buy bananas worth a dollar for the elephant if u want to experience feeding them. A little expensive but really worth it. It’s a 30-minute ride in their man made forest and elephants will even walk through the rivers… And after the trip the elephant-driver will sell his carved-ivory. And we bought two necklace carved-elephant pendants worth 250 baht ($7-8). It’s all up to you if you’ll gonna buy one, but we opt to, for a souvenir. : )

If you’ll visit bangkok never miss this one of a kind experience.

Grand Palace (bangkok, thailand)

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First of all when you decided to see the grand palace, do not wear tight jeans, no mini skirts, no shorts, and no sleeveless they won’t allow you to enter. But, you can ‘borrow’ clothes if not dressed appropriately. Take a hat and lots of fluids, and good walking shoes,  lots to see and do but all in open space so very hot and humid. This is obviously the temple that all tourists have to visit. Indeed this is the bigger one and also the most beautiful. It tells you the riches of Thai Royalty and its culture. It’s an unmissable place when you visit Thailand.